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Entry #3

Thief: Rent's Due

2010-05-14 09:46:45 by Pufje

New flash video!
Check it out!

I did the programming on this one, Paul Beattie was the artist, and ShadowFox did the sound.


Thief: Rent's Due


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2010-05-15 00:54:36

Hehe, dont this the thief 4 logo is appropriate but what eva lol. All future projects with your programming in it will be credited to you just so you know :D

Pufje responds:

Thanks, may my code serve you well :)
Also I'm getting pretty excited to finish my to-do list for our game.


2010-05-18 05:20:40

Ik vond het thief filmpje bijzonder goed.